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The Benefits of Cloud Based Towing Software

Jul 13, 2020 12:52:00 PM / by VTS Systems Content Team

If you own a tow truck company, you may be looking for ways to optimize your business. Being able to see exactly where your tow truck drivers are at any given moment can help you to find which driver is closest to an incoming call. Cloud based towing software offers many benefits for tow truck companies, including the ability to see exactly where your tow trucks are. Here are some of the benefits associated with purchasing and utilizing a cloud based towing software system for your dispatch needs. 

Allows You to Access Your Towing Software From Anywhere You Desire

One of the many benefits that a cloud based towing software system offers is that you are able to access your towing software from anywhere you desire. With a cloud based system, someone does not need to be in your office, sitting at a computer with the downloaded software, as is the case with Windows software. This allows you the ability to monitor your staff and work from anywhere you want, including your own home or while you are on a vacation. This type of technology also allows employees to work from home, something that many companies found important to do while they were trying to social distance during the COVID-19 outbreak. For smaller companies who cannot justify an office staff 24/7, being able to enter data from a tablet or smartphone while in the truck, increases your competitive edge.

Gives Your Drivers Connected Navigation Technology

An additional benefit to using a cloud based towing software is that your drivers can also access this type of system while in a stationary truck. It can help to connect your tow truck drivers with smart phone or tablet technology. They can find the best way to reach a customer in need of help and learn what streets may be experiencing heavy traffic and what alternate routes they may consider taking. All in all, this helps them to quickly make their way to the company without getting lost or getting stuck in unforeseen traffic. 

There are many benefits associated with a cloud based towing software system. However, the system you select has a huge impact on the benefits that are offered. Here at VTS Systems, our cloud based towing software is available at a low monthly licensing fee. Included in that fee are upgrades and updates, tech support and operator training. When you are ready to purchase cloud based towing software, we hope you will turn to us. Contact us today to learn more. 

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VTS Systems Content Team

Written by VTS Systems Content Team

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